Good-bye from Gumboot Books

It is with sadness that we are closing down Gumboot Books, effective immediately. These past 5 years have been rewarding for us, and filled with opportunities to work with talented authors and illustrators. We are thankful for all those people who have supported us in thoughts and wishes over the past five years, and are thrilled that we got to meet so many great people, and make so many great books along the way.

It is time now for us to move on to other adventures. However, some of our authors and illustrators will continue to have copies of their books available directly from them, at least for the near future. We do hope that you will contact them directly through their websites below to see if, and where, their books are still available.

To all of our loyal readers, we thank you for your attention to the stories we have created. We hope you will continue to love those books that are out there already, and share them with others in your lives. To help you do this we are leaving up our blog – so that you will be able to still access all those fantastic activity ideas that Jen Pownall has created to share with you all.

To all of our “would have been” authors, we wish you all the best in finding the perfect home for your writing. Anything submitted to us in print format has been shredded, and anything submitted via email has been deleted. We are unable to respond personally to all of you at this time, much as we would have loved to do that. However, we encourage you to keep writing, and keep submitting until you do find that perfect home for your stories.


Crystal Stranaghan & Jared Hunt (March 1, 2011)




Literacy & Learning Guide to The Pirate Who Lost His Aarrr!

Karin Hammler & Ruth Hunter

100+ pages of activity ideas and resources to integrate literacy and reading with: math, science, social studies, fine arts, physical education, language arts and more. Created by two experienced teachers, the clear instructions and easy to use reproducibles will make literacy and learning fun for your students, while you will have lesson plans for a variety of subject areas at your fingertips. (grades 3-5)


Math & Poetry Fun With Sidney the Silly & Friends

MW Penn & Sarah Tommer

Based on the award winning picture book “Sidney the Silly Who Only Eats 6? by M.W. Penn & Sarah Tommer, this workbook is 100+ pages of rhymes, games, math problems and poetry activities to challenge your young learner and get them using every part of their brain at once! Perfect for classroom or home use in poetry and math. (ages 5-8) CONTACT MW PENN FOR INFORMATION

Tontii & Tontii HD (they’re FREE!)

Crystal Stranaghan & Rosa Espadaler
Join Tontii as a new road is built through his forest home, and he’s forced to relocate to a nearby backyard. Wackiness ensues as everyone discovers that gnome-folk and people-folk don’t always see eye to eye.


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Dead Bird Through the Cat Door

Jan Markley

Kids can change the world – even if it is one bird at a time. Dead birds? Stolen cats? Things get personal when Cyd and Jane’s cat, Yin, gets kidnapped. They turn to technology and Shakespeare to help solve the mystery. (ages 8-12) CONTACT JAN MARKLEY FOR MORE INFORMATION

Dead Frog on the Porch

Jan Markley

Kids can change the world – even if it is one frog at a time. Sisters Cyd and Jane are propelled into an international plot involving evil scientists and giant, genetically stretched frogs. (ages 8-12) CONTACT JAN MARKLEY FOR MORE INFORMATION

It’s All Greek To Me, Jack

Dan Bar-el & Mike Linton (ill.)

As usual, things don’t go the way Jack has planned. Join Jack on his madcap adventure filled with crazy Greek gods, killer rocks, smelly birds, evil kings and at least one naked egg. Confused? Join the club. King Jack takes on Mount Olympus and this time … well, he’s clueless. (ages 8-12) CONTACT DAN BAR-EL FOR MORE INFORMATION

Terrific Tuesday

Wendy Vale

Money has disappeared, the best class trip ever is about to be cancelled and your best friend’s behaviour is very suspicious. What do you do?If you’re Tuesday Somerville, you go after answers, even if the investigation will probably cost you your best friend and put your life in danger. (ages 8-12) CONTACT WENDY VALE FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Midnight Blue Marble

Melanie Jackson & Eleanor Rosenberg (ill.)

Vancouver history buff Ailie Mooney, inherits from her eccentric great-uncle a packet of Marie Antoinette’s letters – and a clue to the whereabouts of the infamous necklace’s central stone, a.k.a., the Midnight-Blue Marble. There’s a multi-carat problem, though. Someone wants to figure out the clue before Ailie does. (ages 12+) CONTACT MELANIE JACKSON FOR INFORMATION

A World of Stories

18 authors, 18 illustrators from around the world

“A World of Stories” is a collection of 18 stories celebrating a variety of international holidays that can be celebrated worldwide, regardless of religious or cultural background. (ages 12 and under) CONTACT CRYSTAL STRANAGHAN FOR MORE DETAILS


MW Penn & Malgorzata Slicszniak-Swirszcz

Farmer Yercle’s Circles provides a visit to the Circle 8-a farm where nothing is square or even oval. Peter Pattern explores the concept of repeating patterns in the world around us. Together, they bring two integral parts of the primary math curriculum together in a celebration of math and poetry fun! (ages 4-8) CONTACT MW PENN FOR MORE INFORMATION


Tiffany Stone, Kari-Lynn Winters, Lori Sherritt-Fleming & Scot Ritchie

A book (and a half!) of poetry about math. Kittens plus puppies, plus shapes to explore. Add bison, a princess and dragons galore. Ideal for home or classroom use, these rollicking rhymes explore basic concepts of arithmetic in new and engaging ways. (ages 4-8) CONTACT TIFFANY STONE, KARI-LYNN WINTERS or LORI SHERRITT-FLEMING FOR MORE INFORMATION.


Christine Jutras-Tarakdjian & Scot Ritchie

Un livre (et demi)de poésie sur les mathématiques! Des chats, des chiens et des formes à additionner Un bison, une princesse, des dragons en abondance Sept poèmes mathématiques qui battent la cadence Voilà autant de choses pour vous amuser! (ages 4-8) CONTACT TIFFANY STONE, KARI-LYNN WINTERS or LORI SHERRITT-FLEMING FOR MORE INFORMATION.

Faeries Are Real

Crystal Stranaghan & Izabela Bzymek

Who designs the snowflakes? Who makes leaves crunch? Who causes thunder and lighting? These, and many other, questions are answered in a fun and entertaining way that will get the reader thinking about the world around them. (ages 4-10) CONTACT CRYSTAL STRANAGHAN OR IZABELA BZYMEK FOR MORE INFORMATION

Filthy Franny and the 4 Faery Fleas

MW Penn & Mike Linton

Franny likes to swing from tree limbs, chase lizards and play in mud, but she doesn’t like to take baths. When she wishes for a Faery Godmother to whisk her away to far off lands, the fates send her the much more appropriate Faery Fleas. Join Franny and fleas-Freddie, Frankie, Frieda and Flo-on a jolly journey through the digits. (ages 4-8) CONTACT MW PENN FOR MORE INFORMATION

Fly Catcher Boy

Rebecca Kool & David Namisato

Written in English with Japanese words and expressions throughout the text, Fly Catcher Boy provides readers with a window into Japanese language and culture. The pronunciation glossary ensures that readers will be able to pronounce, and understand, the Japanese words they are learning throughout the story. (ages 4-10) CONTACT REBECCA KOOL FOR MORE INFORMATION

Grinelda The Mad Hatter

Mary Jo Reinhart & Paula Nathan

Grinelda is a creative young hat maker who dances to the beat of her own drum. Her classmates fail to appreciate her talents, until a school production of Cinderella gives her a chance to shine. (ages 4-8) CONTACT MARY JO REINHART OR PAULA NATHAN FOR MORE INFORMATION

Ready for R

Marian MacDougall & Silvana Bevilacqua

“Ready for R” includes colour coded “R” word lists, fun and easy teaching tips, along with silly stories that will make students want to keep practicing. “Ready for R” is designed to spark speech, language and literacy development, inspire story-telling and encourage ESL students. (ages 4+) CONTACT MARIAN MACDOUGALL OR SILVANA BEVILACQUA FOR MORE INFORMATION

Sidney the Silly Who Only Eats 6

MW Penn & Sarah Tommer

King Sidney is silly, he only eats 6, but the time comes when Chef Brolly puts his foot down and Sidney must find a way to get what he wants without driving everyone in the palace crazy! (Ages 4-8) CONTACT MW PENN FOR MORE INFORMATION

The 13th Floor: Primed for Adventure

Crystal Stranaghan & Izabela Bzymek

Have you ever wondered what would happen if you got into an elevator and pushed every single button? Penelope Jones does just that, and winds up on the 13th Floor of her Grandmother’s apartment building. (ages 5-10) CONTACT CRYSTAL STRANAGHAN OR IZABELA BZYMEK FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Pirate Who Lost His Aarrr!

Crystal Stranaghan & Marcus Wild

A tale of pirates, betrayal, gold, a curse and second chances. How can ye resist? (ages 5-10) CONTACT CRYSTAL STRANAGHAN FOR MORE INFORMATION

The Yoga Game

Kathy Beliveau & Farida Zaman

The Yoga Game invites children (of all ages) to play with the words, guess the riddles and enjoy an actual yoga practice, while introducing the concepts of balance, breath and focus. Entertaining rhymes, enchanting riddles and vibrant illustrations create a rich, multi-layered experience. (ages 2+) CONTACT KATHY BELIVEAU FOR MORE INFORMATION

Then it Rained

Crystal Stranaghan & Rosa Espadaler
Then It Rained is the triumphant story of one child’s determination to challenge conventional wisdom, make his voice heard and live his life to the fullest – whatever the weather!

*this app created by PicPocket Books or look for it by title in the app store. STILL AVAILABLE THROUGH THE APP STORE

Then it Rained

Crystal Stranaghan & Rosa Espadaler

It’s the perfect reminder for everyone that sometimes in life, you just have to put on your gumboots and jump in with both feet! (ages 4-8) CONTACT CRYSTAL STRANAGHAN FOR MORE INFORMATION

Vernon and the Snake

Crystal Stranaghan & Eleanor Rosenberg

Vernon and the Snake are forced to face their fear of each other when they unexpectedly meet one day. There is only one backyard; will one of them be finding a new place to hang out? Or will Vernon and the Snake learn to live with each other? When you’ve heard one side of the story, just flip it over for the other perspective! (ages 2-8) CONTACT CRYSTAL STRANAGHAN FOR MORE INFORMATION

When Chickens Fly

Kari-Lynn Winters & Izabela Bzymek

Esper Getz is no ordinary chicken. She dreams of being a free range aerialist and competing in the Snow Sports Competition. Join Esper on this hilarious journey and find out what it really takes to be a winner! (ages 4-8) CONTACT KARI-LYNN WINTERS OR IZABELA BZYMEK FOR MORE INFORMATION